2022 Ahr Pinot Noir unfiltered


18,00  / Litre

Typical Ahr Pinot Noir, unfiltered

Content: 0,75 Litre (18,00  / Litre)

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Content: 0,75 Litre (18,00  / Litre)

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Classic Ahr Pinot Noir, full-bodied, robust, with a fine Burgundy bouquet on the nose. Winemaking process: Traditional maceration, aged in wooden barrels.

German quality wine, dry, unfiltered.

Al: 13,0 | RZ: 4,1 | S: 5,0

Additional information


Contains sulphites

Alcohol content

13.0% vol.

Residual sugar

0,7 g/l


5,0 g/l


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