Soil and climate bode well for the Ahr

Our rich Pinot noirs and Pinot précoces, Blauer Portugieser and delicately fruity Rieslings
flourish in the best Ahr sites, in steadily expanding vineyards, on steep slopes.

Our vineyard locations:

  • Mayschoß:             Mönchberg
  • Rech:                         Blume, Hardtberg, Herrenberg
  • Dernau:                   Goldkaul
  • Walporzheim:    Pfaffenberg
  • Ahrweiler:             Silberberg, Rosenthal

The Ahr valley’s microclimate, with comparatively low precipitation and high sunshine hours,
is caused by the effect of the Gulf Stream in the Cologne Lowland and the Ahr’s topography,
such as meanders and steep, rocky, south-facing slopes, which heat up quickly.

The grapes benefit from both the heat sink effect and the gradual release of warmth, as well as cooler nights. Fertile, shale-rich soil and precious layers of loam create the perfect
conditions for flavour and body.

Preserving character by maintaining the land

Manual work is essential in an Ahr wine estate. Even today, despite state-of-the-art technology, the steep slopes make great demands on Ahr winemakers. It is our duty to be
considerate and environmentally conscious during cultivation and to handle the natural conditions of climate, topography, geology and soil characteristics carefully. In order to fully exploit our wine’s typical characteristics, we treat the harvest with the greatest delicacy when pressing the grapes and during vinification.

How do ripe Pinot noir grapes become a velvety red?

First we separate the grapes from the stalks, then we ferment that red varieties using the
classic mash method, in contact with the grape skins. The ingredients, colours and tannins
released by the alcohol give the Pinot noir complexity and richness. Natural malolactic
fermentation completes the process.


What is needed for a good vintage?

The summer should not be too hot, otherwise the alcohol content increases, but there is less flavour. A mild winter, dry spring, and cool summer nights - moderation, in other words, are the ingredients for a dream vintage.