A strong personality

A very warm welcome to the Ahr, a virtually unparalleled centre for culture, nature and
culinary delights, and the home of Ahr wine.


Weingut Max Schell is located in Germany’s most northerly winegrowing area, the Ahr, one of the smallest wine regions at just 559 hectares, yet at the same time Germany’s biggest red-wine producing region.

An exceptional microclimate and sun-drenched weathered shale soil turn our deep-red to
blue-black grapes into deliciously rich wines. We are proud that the Ahr’s superb red wines
have acquired an exclusive reputation as rarities and are among the leading wines in
national and international competitions.

Good things come from tradition and passion

This area produces wonderfully expressive Burgundies, delicate Rieslings, fine rosés and
sparkling wines. Vine cultivation in the Ahr has its roots in the 9th century. Nowadays,
traditional values are blended with cutting-edge winery management in a unique marriage, and a new generation of passionate young Ahr winemakers are taking Ahr wines to exceptional heights in terms of quality.

Ahr wine brings pleasure

to you who drink it, and to us who produce it. At Weingut Max Schell, we are committed to
● superb quality wines,
● responsible vineyard management,
● careful use of resources and terroir.
For generations we have cultivated a life-long love of a valuable natural asset that enriches
our lives so very much. Many people love Ahr wine, and the numbers are steadily

Please note our opening times:

Monday to Friday, 09.00-17.00
Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays, 09.00-18.00